My name is Todd Langille. Here’s my story!

I’m a Headshot Photographer, Advertising, and Marketing specialist in Ottawa.

I create professional Headshots of people that help them and their companies market products to other people.

I love this quote from Bruce Lee: “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, but the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” This quote beautifully illustrates the power of focus and the power of being an expert in one category of photography.

I only shoot one type of photography for my business. Business Portraits and Headshots.  “One kick – ten thousand times.”

My clients are business owners, managers, and professionals. They understand the power of a brand.

As a Headshot specialist, I’m here to help you control that ‘first impression’ people will have of you and your company.


For business owners:

I’ll help to get a consistent and professional Headshots of you and your staff. I’ve done numerous Headshot campaigns for websites, marketing programs, and advertising campaigns over the years. I’ve helped companies organize the staff right down to the clothing they wear. My systematic approach will make, what can appear at first to be a daunting task, very painless.  I’ve even written a Headshot guide which will help the organizer to be better prepared for picture day.  You can grab the PDF right here.

For single Headshot Clients:

If you’re a professional and you need a Headshot of yourself to promote your personal brand I can definitely help.  Your images may be for social media, your website or mass media.  Perhaps you need them for trade shows or brochures.  I’ve even had Headshots, I’ve taken of people, on the backs of buses for advertising.

I have 25+ years of media and advertising experience to compliment my photographic skills. I will take the time to understand who you are trying to market to and for what reason.  Together we’ll work to get exactly the look you’re trying to portray to your customers.  It’s not just a picture.  It’s a look.  It’s your personal brand.

Feel free to have a look at my pricing schedule or contact me here for more information.  I’m looking forward to working with you.


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Here are some questions I get a lot:

My clients want images of themselves that look confident, approachable and professional.  They use Headshots for their websites, marketing materials, and social media sites.   I think they come to me because I specialize in Headshot Photography.  It’s all I do.

No!  Like other businesses today, the most effective ones are those who focus on a niche market.  Headshots are my niche.

Even if you’re a good all-around photographer you can’t be great at everything.  I believe that good Headshots or business portraits are unique.  The famous photographer Yousuf Karsh didn’t photograph many weddings.  I’m not saying I am Karsh!  BUT I’d like to try to be!  Conversely, I’m not very good at photographing food or some other specialties.  I leave that to those experts.

These days people go to experts for specific things.  There is just too much to know if you want to be a professional.   It would take me forever to learn everything I’d need to know to be an expert at all genres of photography.

My clients come to me and expect a great job.  I want to deliver an amazing job.  Clients don’t want to be auditioning me.  They’re too busy for that.

I’ve been a photographer for over thirty years. I’ve done all the usual stuff of course BUT I’ve been focused on Headshot photography for three or four years now.  It really started since our digital world exploded.

There are lots of great photographers in Ottawa.  Headshot Photography – good headshot photography – is different.  I have spent hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours, working on getting it down to a science and I love it.

Headshots are not just about the technical aspects of photography. To me, that’s a given. Headshot photography is about being able to connect with whoever is in front of your camera.  Connecting so you’re able to help them look like someone you’d like to meet or do business with.

I’ve been ‘connecting’ or working with people in other careers for a long long time.  People who know me well would say Headshot photography was and is natural for me. To me, it’s this connection that sets you apart.

This is my passion.  I love how every single headshot session always starts in the exact same way.  The client always says  “I hope I don’t break your camera”  OR “can you make me look thinner?”

I love how when it’s over clients always say “that was easy” or “Wow, I love what you did!”

I want to look through Linkedin and Facebook and know I have played a major role in making everyone look fantastic. That’s a goal.

More details about our services on the FAQ page.