I am sure you have questions. Here are the most common questions I get asked.  (our photography FAQ).

What’s the next step?

Once we have agreed that you would like me to do your Headshot we will arrange a time that works for you.  Read below, show up and I’ll take it from there.

How long will it take?

If the session is just for you, we should budget an hour.  It can take less but usually one hour will do.  If the Headshots are for your team we will determine the time needed when I hear details of what you are looking for.  Large groups typically take less time per person.

What should I wear?

This is always a personal thing.  I recommend that you wear what you would wear during your work day.  See my more detailed page on what you should wear here.

Can I bring a change of clothes?

Yes. Some people like to have a formal Headshot AND a casual or less formal one.  Bring along any change of clothing you like. I get into much more detail on this page.

What about makeup?

Makeup is one of those things I don’t know much about being a man!  I do know that often I am able to do wonders with the magic of Photoshop. But I’m fairly sure the women won’t feel the same. If you would like the services of a professional makeup artist I have a great one.  I outline more on this here on this page under Hair and makeup

Where is your studio?

This is a big one.  Most of my work’s done at your office.  Large boardrooms and offices.  Your location.  That said I do a lot of Headshots in my studio which is a permanent area in my home.  Don’t worry it’s fully hi-tech and convenient to get to.  It helps to keep my business costs and the price to you down.  I will send you the address once we know what we are doing. I’d also like to say that for ladies I am always glad if you want to bring a friend to your shoot. That’s completely understandable.  Unnecessary but understandable.

What if I am a business?

No problem at all.  In fact, that is what I do most.  Usually, because it’s a larger group of people, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to come to me.  My studio equipment is portable. Usually, there is one person who is in charge of organizing your office Headshots.  I will work with that person to build a schedule that will make the best use everyone’s time.  I have a guide to organizing your company’s Headshot sessions and it is available right here.

What’s required if you are coming to us?

I need a space that is approximately 10 x 20 feet.  A boardroom, large office or sometimes the foyer of an office building will do.  I will bring strobe lights, reflectors and all the regular camera equipment to be able to work.  I need access to an 110v power plug.  Other than being able to work one on one with the person being photographed is all I need.

How long does it take if we are a group?

Of course, that depends on how many of you there are.  Usually, a group of ten or more people will move quicker than you think.  My main concern, when photographing large groups, is that the images look as great as they can be.  If I had to give a number I would say 15-20 minutes per person will do.

How do I pay?

I accept Visa, MasterCard, email transfer and cash as payment.  If you are a company and it is necessary to invoice you that can happen as well. To reserve the booking I charge a session fee that is non-refundable.  The balance is due when the work is complete.  If something happens and you need to move your session just ask.  Stuff happens and I get that.

How long will it take to get my pictures?

As mentioned earlier I shoot tethered.  That means that my camera is wired to a laptop computer while we shoot.  You will be able to see the images right away. My goal is to have you choose two or three pictures that you love while we are doing them.

Once the choices are made I need one or two days to process them in your required sizes.  They are delivered very quickly thereafter via an on-line gallery.  The whole thing takes only a couple of days.

What format will my images be in?

I will be delivering to you finished Headshots in a jpg format.  The images will be sized as full resolution, as well as in square format for your social media.  Linkedin images are square.  Others are rectangular.  If your web person requires something special like a PSD, Tif or Png file that can also be done.

I’m comparing other photographers to you.  What should I look for?

I am not the only Headshot photographer in Ottawa.  However, I have made a little list of the things I hope you would look for when interviewing other Headshot photographers.

  • Choose a photographer who you believe you can work with.  That’s way more important than you think it is.  It would be FIRST on my personal list.
  • Choose a photographer who understands your time requirements.
  • Choose a photographer who understands that some people require ‘special handling’ That can be other employees or bosses!
  • Look for someone who specializes in this kind of photography. A baby photographer is not trained in working with Headshot clients. Visa Versa!
  • Look for someone who demonstrates that they will do what they say they will do.  Imagine your whole team lined up for picture day and the photographer doesn’t show up or says they thought it was Wednesday or who knows what!
  • Price plays a role but remember it’s usually the reason we buy when we have nothing more to go on and can’t see the difference!  You know the old saying……

What if I’m not happy?

Although this has never happened there is always a first time.  My reputation in the business community is everything to me.  I will make sure you are clear on what you are buying and ensure that you get what you expect.

What colour background can I have?

My marquis background look is white.  White is very easy for web designers to use and makes everyone look like fashion a model.

I can also do business-grey and portrait-black.  We will discuss this in advance.  I love portrait black. BUT sometimes it isn’t appropriate for business.  The background colour matters when considering what your images ‘say’.

Can I refer you?

Ah Yeah!

What about updating my Headshot later?

To me getting to know you is ninety percent of the Headshot session.  Updates are a great idea and because of that, I offer a 40% discount on everyone for life!

Do I own the copyright on my Headshot?

No.  BUT… you are licensed to use it however you wish.  I will want to showcase it on my website unless you specifically request that I don’t which does happen.

What’s different about you?

Hmm.  I am hoping that you are getting a feeling for that by this point.  If you aren’t sure we can talk.  Did I say this is all I do?