First Impressions are KING and this proves it!  Read on…

Like it or not we really do only get a few seconds to make a first impression.

I found a great website for likability testing on your photos against three impressions that should be important to you and the results will shock you a little.  Photofeeler  is a free site you can use to upload photos of yourself and allow random people to give you unbiased feedback based on what you say your goal is.  

I did some likability testing myself for this website. Take a look at how I ranked…


The first image I uploaded was the one below. I ranked well as an INFLUENCER but the random sample of testers didn’t necessarily find me likeable!  If you were applying for a new career or posting your image on your business’ website do you think this would be important?  If you were on a dating site would you care?  HELL Yes!!!  By the way the notes (2) of them said: “Appropriate photo for its intended use. While he doesn’t look particularly likeable, he does look at ease and comfortable in his own skin in front of his work”.  The second one said “too serious”.
Ok then… time to get a pro do do this!

Likability 1


Now lets change it around and add the camera as a prop.  I become more competent, just about as influential but this time with a grin of a smile my LIKIBILITY TRIPLES.  The (3) comments here said: “he should do up the top button on his shirt”. (good point) “Would look better with a different background” and “don’t like his expression”.  HUH!!

Likability 2


Here’s the third photo:  Bingo!!!  The third shot nails it.  I’m suitably competent (probably because of the camera in my hand and the description of the work I do on the left) AND my likability ranking soars!  I’m also a bit influential it seems.  Still room for improvement but look at the difference a photo can make.

Likability 3

If you are trying to do business, meet new clients, or make a first impression your HEADshot matters.  Even on a dating site!  Only a professional will know how this all works and how to get the right image of you to hit it out of the park!

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