People always ask this question.  What do I wear for my Headshot session?

Here are a few simple suggestions for your clothing choice:

You will only need to think about tops really as its a Headshot shoot.

Solid colours show up much nicer than anything with a pattern.  If you want our marquis look – the crisp, clean, white background – we suggest bright colours that you believe look best on you.

Patterns may make you look larger than you are plus they are distracting.  We want to drive attention to your eyes and that’s hard to do with patterns.

For women the less jewellery the better.  Not only can it date a Headshot but it can be a distraction from your face.

Men and women should bring a change of clothes.  You may like to have a couple of looks.

For men, if you are looking for that corporate look, it might be a suit jacket and tie.  For the more relaxed look it might be something with an open neck.  We don’t recommend t-shirts.  Depending on the look you want this may be a little too casual.

Women will often have a couple of outfits that they know they look great in. Bring them along.  When you know you look good you feel good and that will show in your Headshot.

Don’t be too selective or seasonal.  Remember that your Headshot will be on display all year long.  Think about how that sweater may look in July.

Hair and Make-up:

Ladies – Hair & Make-up is such a personal thing so it’s best that you feel like ‘you’ in your pictures. Feel free to bring whatever styling products you need in order to create your look.  Changing your hair during the session by putting it up etc. is always fun.  If you are planning on making an appointment with your hairdresser please arrange this for the day prior or even the morning of the shoot.

For ladies makeup should be simple and well done so your natural assets stand out on their own. This means that make up should help the viewer focus on the eyes and the mouth, which are the essence of the headshot.

Men. We recommend you get your haircut 4 to 5 days prior to the shoot NOT the day before or of so you don’t have that “freshly cut” look.

Natural Aging:

We can never totally escape the aging process but we can help reduce the visible signs. Generally we use a soft wrap-around lighting which helps to naturally smooth lines. We do use some photoshop and although we never remove lines completely we can help to reduce them a little should you feel the need. Some spots, which seem to have a strange habit of appearing on the morning of a shoot, can be removed with no problem at all.


Your smile is the most important business tool and we will be encouraging you to laugh and smile naturally during your session. Research shows that people look longer at a smiling face than one that isn’t. Bring your smile with you.


If you wear glasses we should be able to work around any reflection caused by the lighting but we do recommend that you bring along your glass cleaner. If you don’t wear glasses all of the time then we will shoot Headshots with them and without.

Clothing Choices for women

Clothing choices for men