Chances are if you are visiting you already know the power of a good headshot.

If you’re not sure here are some great reasons to consider:

Executives & Business Owners

Every business owner should have a professional Headshot. A great Headshot is powerful for your company’s website, social media, and your marketing. It’s also important for your annual report and use in the media.

Maybe you’ve been asked to speak at a trade show. You’ll need a headshot for that. Perhaps you need one for your advertising or social media sites. Every executive or business owner needs a professional headshot.

Business Startups

When the press calls and wants to do a feature story on you or your business they’ll ask if you have a headshot of yourself.

You absolutely don’t want the media using a picture of you from your FaceBook account. This is your chance to project yourself in the exact way you want people to see you.

The image you want to project will be one of the first things we address when shooting your headshot.

Small Business owners

I can remember when I owned a business I was asked to speak at a trade show. They asked me if I had a picture of myself to use on their television advertising… I needed a good HEADshot. I had to scramble to get them something.

Think it through and be prepared before it happens by getting a powerful headshot now.


That picture of you sitting around a campfire won’t help you to get that first interview. It won’t get you past the final reference check by your prospective employer either. If you don’t think they are looking think again. With so many people on the job market it will be the very first place a potential employer will look. Your Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook account all need a powerful HEADshot.

A great HEADshot will ensure an employers first impression of you is strong.

Job seekers

Moving up the ladder? We photographed a man recently who was in his late twenties. He already had a successful career as an engineer going. He was looking to start moving up the career ladder and had a good chance at a great job in another province. His last HEADshot was blurry and a little too casual for the new job he was going for .

Good for him. He understood his potential employer would be checking his social media sites. We worked together to get a great headshot that made him look a little more mature. More experienced and knowledgeable.

He needed a good HEADshot and we got him one. He got the job.

Dating site users

YES! Why not? Ever hear anyone, man OR women, say that the last date didn’t look like his or her picture?

A great HEADshot can be aimed at the dating market. It’ll show your smile, your confidence, the fact you care about what people think. It’ll give you that extra little chance to attract the love of your life. We’ve done plenty of these.

I’ve actually had clients tell me that their date mentioned their nice picture. Maybe it got them the date in the first place. Either way it is the ultimate in Personal Branding!

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